We've all seen them, those tank exchange programs. They are convenient, but unfortunately, all those cages carry a high cost -- the exchange tanks are more expensive AND you get less than a full tank of propane!

Keep that in mind the next time you see an exchange program and we'll give you a shot to simply snap and win. The rules to enter are as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. FIND and exchange program
2. SNAP a photo that captures the cage and price
3. POST it with #GiveMeAFullTank! to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook

WIN each post gives you another shot at winning a FREE propane grill tank filling, you get unlimited entries.

The drawing will be held August 30th - just in time for the Labor Day Weekend! We will reach out to the winner via the same channel we received their entry.

Post often and win big!

Labor Day is a celebration of what made America flourish -- hard work!  So don't spend your hard earned money for anything less than the Quick Fill Propane Promise.

At Quick Fill Propane - we believe you should:

Did you know most tank exchange programs leave you with less than a full tank? Don't feel bad, most people don't... we fill you to the maximum allowed - 25% MORE than exchange!

Ding-ding... remember the days when the attendant came to you? It still happens at Quick Fill Propane.

We believe in giving you value, not only a full tank, but the best price in town - guaranteed!

Do you have a little tank pride? Don't want to exchange it in for that nasty tank at the gas station or supermarket? We understand, keep your tank and keep your tank pride.